Five things you need to know about your sign.

1) What is it going to say? Please check your spellings twic. 🙂  If I rout it and it is wrong there is no delete or backspace. It is firewood. Think through the words, the names, the punctuation. Do I want the words to be outset or inset?

2) What is its shape? Is it a standard rectangle or a round. Or does it take a special shape, like Lake Superior, or your home state.

3) What size is your sign? I do a lot of 6 by 24’s. The basic price is $ 50.00 12 by 24 is $ 95.00. Usually the bigger it is the more expensive it is.

4) Do you want graphics on your sign? I have many stock graphics. But I can do anything we can make into a line drawing. I can resize to fit your sign. The biggest consideration here is how intricate the drawing is.

5) How do you want the edges finished? I usually do a camphered edge (45 degrees), a scalloped, or a rough edge

Watch the video then write down what you want and text or call me (218)290-1144.

6) If you would like color it is extra. Painting is not my specialty. But as you can see I do paint some.

Email Me,  Text Me, or Call Me (218)290-1144