It's about the joy of making something with your own hands

Hi I’m John from John’s Tiny Workshop. I am a part time pastor and a part time sign maker. And a long suffering viking fan. It has been a great joy so far to make signs. I never thought it would be. But the moment people see their finished sign and their faces light up has turned into a reward in itself. Ill post a picture soon of what it looks like to be happy in sawdust.


All about sign making

I started making signs after seeing Oldave100 YouTube channel with Eric Rhoten.  And I fell in love with making signs using a router.  Eric has 100s of videos and makes it easy for someone who is not that talented to make wood sign creations.  Thanks Eric. and of course Vicki and Dave.

Then I started making for family and friends.  This summer out on Hwy 61 it just took off. Everyone who stopped had a unique idea.  So now I get to make all kinds of hand carved wood signs. Below are an example of the different kinds. I use mostly Cedar and pine, but I have some specialty wood like Cherry, barn Oak and Maple.

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